Cymon-NLU Dialogue System

Cymon-NLU Dialogue System

Cymon-NLU: a chatbot for Customer Relationship Management


A customer relationship management natural language dialog system

CyMON-NLU can inform, chat and gather user information using an advanced natural language understanding engine. It combines statistical morphosyntactic disambiguation methods (trigram tagging), a stemming algorithm and a robust parser for a large semantic grammar implemented in an XML formalism. The scalable CyMON-NLU engine is implemented in C++ and provides interfaces to the agent-based CRM platform CyMON. Further features include automatic language detection and dialog tracking using a semantic network interface. A development kit enables language engineers to easily create semantic grammars for the specific domain.

I developed CyMON-NLU with the help of programmers and UI designers in 2000/01 at Agentscape AG, Berlin and its daughter Agentscape Romania SRL.

D. Reitter, Hybrid Natural Language Processing in a Customer Care Environment, presented as workshop paper at the TaCoS 2001, Heidelberg.

CyMON is a registered trademark of Agentscape.