David Reitter

How does the mind work? Seeking answers to this broad question, I focus on language production and decision-making. I create computational models of language use via inference from large-scale datasets and experiments. My work in cognitive science is aided by computational linguistics; my contributions to computer science are inspired by cognition.

Recently funded projects include three NSF grants in linguistics, computer science and social sciences, and an Air Force OSR contract. Please see here for details on these projects, and contact me for job opportunities.

David Reitter
what's new?
  • The book is out: Big Data in Cognitive Science (M. Jones, ed.) - with a chapter on studies in computational psycholinguistics.
  • ACL paper accepted "Entropy converges between dialogue participants: explanations from an information-theoretic perspective" (Xu, Reitter)
  • PLOS ONE paper accepted "Crowdsourcing the Measurement of Interstate Conflict" (D'Orazio, Kenwick, Lane, Palmer, Reitter)
  • ACL paper accepted "Convergence of Syntactic Complexity..." (Xu, Reitter)
  • Social Science Research Institute funds Carlson/Putnam/Reitter to model syntactic processing in bilinguals
  • Paper on Reddit data at SBP-BRiMS, D.C.: How people talk about armed conflicts...
  • Oral presentation at Vision Sciences '16, Florida (Liu)
  • Talk and Poster at Psychonomics, Granada '16 (Cole, Reitter)
  • Talk and Paper at Designing Interactive Systems, Brisbane '16 (Ghafurian, Reitter)
  • We're at SBP-BRiMS as program co-chair, at ACL '16 as area chair
  • ICCM 2016 is coming to Penn State (Ritter and Reitter, general chairs)
  • Papers at ECML, EMNLP, SBP '15 (Ororbia), and workshop CMCL (Xu, Wang)
  • New article in ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction: Predicting user performance and learning... (Paik/Ritter)
  • NSF funding $1M (social/economic): Updating the Militarized Dispute Data Through Crowdsourcing
  • NSF funding (linguistics): Modeling syntactic priming in language production
  • NSF funding CRII (computer science): Alignment in web-forum discourse
Penn State, 2012-:   Asst. Professor, Information Sciences
Carnegie Mellon, 2008-11:  Post-doc, Psychology
Edinburgh, 2008:  PhD, Informatics/Cognitive Science
U. C. Dublin, 2004:  MSc, Computer Science
Potsdam, 2002:  Dipl., Linguistics
Founder, 2005-:  Aquamacs Emacs